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Spring Registration is Open!

2018 Spring Catalog

Click on the image above to view the interactive, UPDATED version of our spring 2018 catalog!

Catalog Updates: Changes have occurred since our spring catalog was printed. The online version of the catalog reflects those changes, and we have indicated below if a course that appeared in the catalog has experienced changes. Please note that the two-class limitation initially in place for the first week of registration has been lifted; once registration opens, members can register for as many courses as they like.

Available Courses as of 2/16/2018:

Circus, Society and Mindful Movement - Linda Peck
Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1930's - Harte Crow
Songwriting - To Free Literary Characters Who Wish to Sing - Lois Fein
Stories of Human Predicaments or Personal Sonatas in Film - Don Watson
The Arts: Learn in Lively, Lovely Lebanon - Paxton & Jones

Making Sense, 2018 - James Wilson
The Palestinian Narrative: Will 2018 Be the Final Chapter - Anne Chandler
Immigration - What Does Race Have To Do With It? - Evangeline Monroe NEW ADDITION! Course not listed in printed catalog

Aristotle's Ethics: What is a Good Life? - Joseph Ronan
Joy and Struggle in Literature - Dan Collison (Printed catalog lists course end date as May 15, but course will end May 1)
King Lear Then and Now - Marilyn Roberts
Writing in Circles - Stephen Hackman
An Outline of Intellectural Rubbish - Werner Kleinhardt NEW ADDITION! Course not listed in printed catalog

Beginning Stock Market Investing for Women - Joanie Miller
Brew Class 102 - Scott Russell  NEW ADDITION! Course not listed in printed catalog
ENERGY - A Lunchtime Lecture Series - Gigi Gallaway
Mah Jongg, the Game of the Sparrows - Mary Ann Holbrook
Plantify Your Diet - How Plants May Save Your Life - Beth Perera
Seniors and Investing: Don't Be the Next Victim - Moquin & Boulter

African Roundtable: Focus on Wildlife - Fladung & Miller
Floral Design With Spring Flowers and Botanicals - Clark & Guidone
How to Trace Your Jewish Genealogy - Sallyann Sack
The Interactive Voice - Robert Kalm

Into the Weeds: Working With Nature - Jim Kennedy
Whales, Dolphins, Seals, & Sea Lions - Rob Nawojchik

21st Century Genetic Technologies - Iain Sim
How Did We Get Here or Have We Always Been Here - Lewis Greenstein
On the Trail of Hillbilly Elegy - Charles Buell
Perspectives on the Holocaust - Thomas Burke
Sport in America Since 1865 - Rick Hutchins
The Summer of 1941 - Maynard Goldman  NEW ADDITION! Course not listed in printed catalog

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Guide to Online Registration

Fees, 2017-18:

Annual Membership: $70 (expires June 30, 2018)

Spring Special Membership: $105 (expires June 30, 2019)

Course Fees:

  • 8 hours or less: $40
  • 10-12 hours: $60*
  • 14 hours or more: $80*

    *In some cases their maybe larger course fees depending on the course.


We may supply several different types of course materials to registered participants:

  • Welcome Letter - supplied prior to the first class session via e-mail and/or post. (Depends on the preference of the registrant.)
  • Reading Packets - Reading packets are usually materials prepared or compiled by the Study Leader prior to the first class. (If the Study Leader is relying on current news items, materials may be distributed on a weekly basis.) Reading packets are sometimes only supplied in printed form, but may be available online in the course folder. Check your welcome packet for more information, or contact our office.
  • Hand-outs and photocopies - Study Leaders and some class participants may choose to share materials with members of the class via photocopies and hand-outs, which are usually passed out during a class session. If the study leader or participant has supplied a copy to the office, we will do our best to make these materials available in print as well as online in the course folder. (Please see below for more information on hand-outs and photocopies.)

The Welcome Letter is the one piece of printed material for which a member should never be charged. However, receiving other types of course materials in printed form may result in a fee. If the total amount of printed materials for one course (either distributed by the Study Leader or requested by a participant) exceeds 50 pages, a fee will apply. Fees are calculated on an individual basis, meaning that each class participant receiving their own printed copy of materials will be charged for the materials they receive. This is why it is important that each member notify the office of their materials preference when they register for the term.

Please remember the following regarding course materials:

  • Requests for printed copies of materials must be made at least 24 hours in advance of pick-up.
  • Printed materials will be available for pick-up in our office at 7 Lebanon Street, Suite 107, Hanover. If you cannot pick up materials at the office, we can mail materials to you, but a postal fee may apply. We also cannot guarantee timely receipt of mailed materials.
  • Printed Materials Fees: As mentioned above, if printed materials exceed 50 pages, a fee will apply. The office staff will present totals for course materials fees as soon as they are finalized. Some fees may be presented at the start of the term, while others may not be available until the final session of the class. Please contact the office if you have any questions.



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