Summer Term 2020

June 22 - September 4, 2020

The Great Cover Songs in American Popular Music

Guitar classTuesdays, June 23 - July 21
1:00 PM-2:30 PM EDT
Zoom Course.
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"Covers" represent one of the most interesting aspects of the music industry - and one of the most creative and controversial.

In this course we will "cover" many aspects of what makes a song a song, what are the forces that operate on it and what it takes to make a great record. We will see YouTubes of examples and also listen to local performers do their takes on their favorite "covers."

Fiction Writing Workshop

WritingMondays, July 6 - August 3
9:00 AM - 11:30 AM EDT
Zoom Course.
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The fiction writing course will be conducted in a workshop format. Prior to the beginning of the course, each student will be required to submit a 500 word autobiographical piece about an event in their life that had meaning. During the course of the class, they will fictionalize what they have written and create a short story. The stories need to be literary fiction (no romance, science fiction, mystery, or other non-literary genres). During the course of the workshop, the elements of fiction, character, dialogue, point of view, voice, and plot will be discussed. Stories by well-known writers that illustrate the various elements of fiction will be required reading. The main focus of each session will be to workshop the stories submitted by the students. Everyone in the class will discuss their critique of each writer’s story and provide the author with a copy of the manuscript marked with their criticisms. The writer will then revise the story and submit the revision for discussion. Other literary topics that will be woven into the course would include: getting published, finding an agent, where to find the best literary fiction, creative writing workshops, M.F.A. programs, and self-publishing. In-class writing exercises will be assigned to participants during the course of the workshop.

Required Text: Writing in General and the Short Story in Particular (978-0618082346) by Rust Hill

Perspectives on the Holocaust

HolocaustWednesdays, July 8 - 29
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT
Zoom Course.
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The Holocaust, carried out by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany during World War II, was the most heinous organized crime of the 20th Century, if not all of human history. This four-session course will mix lecture and discussion as we address a number of important issues, especially the following:

1. How the years leading up to the Holocaust and centuries of prejudice and discrimination against Jews set the stage for the Nazis’ deeds.

2. Why America and the rest of the world were slow to act on evidence of atrocities prior to the war.

3. How the Nazis organized and carried out the Holocaust.

4. Individual people of that time period.

5. Personal experiences of survivors and rescuers, the Righteous Among Nations.

6. How the Holocaust is viewed, discussed, and taught today.

Special Notes: There are no required readings, but a list of suggested books and other sources of background information on The Holocaust will be available.

Let's Talk Baseball II

BaseballTuesdays, August 4 - 25
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM EDT
Zoom Course.
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Do you enjoy baseball? Do you miss the excitement of opening day, the MLB season, your favorite player or team? This "course" will be held on the Zoom platform, with no more than 8 to 11 participants. In each of the four classes, we will "talk" baseball, depending on your interests. There is no set agenda, no required readings, but I will propose questions each week related to various baseball topics. I will also get your feedback prior to the first class on suggested topics. All students in the class will be encouraged to participate. Play ball!

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