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Charlie Buell

Charlie Buell

After Middlebury College and grad studies in American History at NYU, I saw the real world in academic publishing, direct marketing and software sales. In retirement, I got back into social history and its newer interpretations, and have been sharing these finds with Osher participants. I especially like a topic which has current applications, such as my recent courses on the best-seller, "Hillbilly Elegy."

Course Title: The Puritans: from England, to Massachusetts to the Pacific Ocean (Fall Term 2018)

Participant Testimonials:

"I was pleased with the knowledge of the instructor and his ability to use computer files to illustrate what we were learning about."

"The course material was fascinating. The idea of the course was good."

Course Title: On the Trail of Hillbilly Elegy

Participant Testimonials:

"This was an interesting course, with good discussion and sharing of ideas, concepts and view points."

"Excellent approach to material. Interesting, well researched course and knowledgeable professor."

"This course exceed expectations, especially in terms of its scope (e.g: sociology, politics, international aspects)."

Last Updated: 4/1/19