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Dan Collison

Dan Collison

Dan Collison is a retired physician who teaches and writes, including researching and reconstructing family narratives. His education, training and research are in literature, language, medicine, systems theory and the history of technology. At OSHER@Dartmouth, he has taught literature (since 2013) and on the opportunities and pitfalls in current technological trends.

Course Title: Joy and Struggle in Literature: The Cultivation of Savor and Opportunity (Spring Term 2018)

Participant Testimonials:

"Dan is an excellent facilitator of discussion and deeper thinking. He introduced us to some wonderful artist (writers, poets, painters, performers) and their works and asked us to think about their messages deeply and in new ways."

"Dan is amazing in leading, setting the stage for sharing with respect and compassion for others, and generous in sharing his knowledge."

"This course was truly splendid! It was thought provoking, emotional engaging, and planned with insight and wide ranging intelligence. Dan's inclusion of and respect for each student's responses to the material was admirable."

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