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Dan DeMars

Dan DeMars

Dan DeMars has lived in Norwich, VT since 1996 with his wife and two sons. As a child, he was fascinated by space flight, notably the Apollo lunar landings. Over the decades, Dan has collected documentation on NASA's Mercury, Gemini & Apollo programs and has met several NASA astronauts over the years (e.g., Cernan, Bean, Lovell, and Carpenter). Professionally, he has served as a management consultant to academia, to the biotech industry, and to independent secondary (preparatory) schools.

Course Title: Mercury, Gemini & Apollo: NASA's Golden Age, A 50‐Year Retrospective (Fall Term 2018)

Participant Testimonials:

"Dan's incredibly deep and detailed knowledge of the various NASA programs was amazing, almost scary (for example, he knew the actual five digit sample number the Apollo 15 astronauts gave to a particular moon rock sample!). He led discussions very well, from the serious to the humorous. The videos he presented were well chosen and enlightening. Each class was presented on a linear scale, timed out well and never boring."

Last Updated: 4/1/19