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Ellen Bettmann

Ellen Bettmann

Ellen is a nationally recognized leader in the field of anti-bias education. She is the co-author of Hate Hurts (Scholastic, c. 2000) and numerous training manuals and articles. She leads a monthly anti-racism open forum at Howe Library called "Difficult Conversations About Race" which began in 2015 at the conclusion of her first OSHER@Dartmouth course of the same title. She currently serves as a founding member on the advisory board of the Adirondack Diversity Initiative.

Course Title: Racism in 2018: Why Are We Still Talking About This?

Participant Testimonials:

"Ellen is very knowledgeable and her selection of resources was excellent."

"Ellen is a masterful discussion leader. She encouraged everyone to contribute and asked provocative questions."

"I think this course was excellent! I learned a lot but more importantly I hope I have seeded something that I can continue acting upon."

Last Updated: 1/7/19