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Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson taught history and economics for nearly fifty years before retiring to the Upper Valley. He lives in Strafford, VT, and has taught numerous courses on how our economy works and the challenges it faces. While very much an amateur, travel and photography have been lifetime hobbies. He believes in sharing good ideas and practices.

Course Title: Making Sense, 2018

Participant Testimonials:

"I think what worked best in this class was, in general, the fact that Jim's teaching abilities are OUTSTANDING. Having taught economics for decades, he is comfortable and knowledgeable leading a class. He has the skills to encourage student input and also the expertise to regain control of the discussion and steer it to where he thinks best. He has the ability to explain basic economic principles while also maintaining a higher‐tiered discussion. In other words, he can teach to all levels."

"Jim has an ability to process and impart knowledge in a captivating way."

"Jim mixes class discussion with current relevant articles."

Course Title: Intro to Travel Photography, Composition, and Tips

"Organization was excellent. Jim always kept discussions to a reasonable amount and politely moved discussions along when necessary."

"Excellent, Jim explained photography in a basic and patient manner."

Last Updated: 5/30/18