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Moby Pearson

A graduate of Oberlin Conservatory, violinist Moby Pearson has performed with chamber ensembles and orchestras for over 45 years. He has toured the great concert halls in Europe with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra and coached student ensembles in the middle east as a member of the Apple Hill Chamber Players. Presently he resides in Brattleboro and is on the faculty of the Brattleboro Music Center where he teaches, conducts, and offers courses in music appreciation.

Course Title: Not Your Usual Music Appreciation

Participant Testimonials:

"The Study Leader is able to make everyone feel comfortable. He is unusually relaxed for such an ambitious and skilled teacher."

"Moby was relaxed, open to any questions, and appreciative of the music and the class. He was well prepared with the technology he used."

"The Study Leader was exceptionally knowledgeable,was organized, and encouraged discussion."

Last Updated: 5/30/18