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Priscilla Clark

Lifelong sailor Priscilla Clark trimmed her first sail at about 3 years old. Her father taught her to sail, introducing her to the magic of riding the wind and her sense of adventure. Sail racing with her father and her university sailing team, along with family travels, fed her adventurous spirit. Her love affair with the far horizon continues. Prior to running away to sea, Priscilla was a successful marketing and public relations professional. She also founded her own event and party floral design business. Back on land for now, she is exploring enticing, though closer, horizons.

Priscilla Clark loves the joy flowers bring to special life events and holidays. She once owned an event-only custom floral design business, and now designs for the holidays and select events.

Course Title: The Supermarket Bouquet and Beyond: Designing with Flowers & Botanicals

Participant Testimonials:

"I have LOVED this class. My home is overflowing with beautiful arrangements, I have gained confidence to do this on my own and I've learned a lot."

"The instructors were very positive about our participation and did a wonderful job of putting together all the materials we needed with enough variety to bring out our creativity."

"Excellent class taught by the best floral instructors. Priscilla and Diane were so kind, enthusiastic, and encouraging."

Course Title: World Wandering Aboard Chautauqua

Participant Testimonials:

"This course exceeded my expectations. The visual presentation of places visited around the world was very informative. There was a wealth of knowledge presented about what is involved in traveling on a sailboat in many different parts of the world."

"Priscilla was an enthusiastic and delightful travelogue host. Her memory for people, places, geography, and events was remarkable."

"Priscilla is a relaxed, engaging, enthusiastic presenter and set a nice 'tone.'"

Last Updated: 4/27/18