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Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor is an independent scholar, farmer, journalist, and longtime public official. With his sons, Steve operates a dairy, maple syrup, and cheese-making enterprise in Meriden Village. He has been a newspaper reporter and editor, and served for 25 years as New Hampshire's commissioner of agriculture. Steve was the founding executive director of the New Hampshire Humanities Council and is a lifelong student of the state's rural culture.

Course Title: Upper Valley, a State Within Two States: How Did This Come to Be?

Participant Testimonials:

"Steve is a local treasure and made me feel so fortunate to live here."

"Mr. Taylor offered a wealth of information without being overwhelming thanks to his anecdotal, humorous demeanor. It was easy to follow his narrative, and he stayed on topic. He welcomed questions."

"Fantastic! Save Taylor could talk about dryer lint and be captivating"

Last Updated: 5/25/18