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Thomas Burke

Thomas Burke

Thomas Burke is a freelance writer, writing tutor, and history enthusiast who has developed a deep personal interest in the Holocaust. He is assisting a Holocaust survivor in compiling a memoir and has conducted extensive research over the past year. He has developed this course in order to share and discuss his findings and his ongoing research with those who are interested in knowing more about The Holocaust.

Course Title: Perspectives on the Holocaust (Spring Term 2018)

Participant Testimonials:

"Mr. Burke was well organized. He used relevant overheads in addition to lecture and discussion. Mr.Burke's friendship with a survivor of Auschwitz was, I suspect, a catalyst for his deep interest in the history of the Holocaust. He brought a real feeling of passion to the subject. One could readily tell
that he cared deeply about the subject matter, about teaching it and about how it would and should be taught in the future."

"Tom shared his extensive knowledge in a very respectful manner, particularly given the subject matter. Slides were good and I particularly enjoyed when he gave us information about specific people and what they had done, on top of just the statistics."

"Tom Burke is a terrific scholar and teacher. He was so organized and kept us riveted with all the facts and stories he was telling us. I don't always take notes in classes, but I did here because there was a lot I want to remember."

"Mr. Burke belongs in a college classroom. He is impressively knowledgeable and very good and conveying this information. A terrific course."

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