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Hood Museum Class

Meet our Study Leaders. Member Testimonial: "Each of the courses I have taken have been better than the course description because the Study Leader brings their energy and uniqueness to the words."

Available Courses as of 2/20/20

American Contemporary Short Stories - Jim Adler
Emotion and Meaning in the Music of Jon Appleton: Classical and Electronic - Jon Appleton
Hand-building with Clay - Dianne Burger
Playfully Poetic - Page Coulter
Merle Haggard: The Soul of Country - Ford Daley
From Gags to Riches: Comedians of the 50s and 60s - Maynard Goldman
Not Your Usual Music Appreciation - Moby Pearson
When Stars Were Born: 1919 - John Peterman
Watercolor for Enthusiastic Watercolor Painters - Stephanie Reininger
Form, Function and Relation: Ceramic Art by Native Americans at the Hood Museum of Art - Jeanne Shafer
English Gardens: A Social History - Barbara Stern
Take a Hike! Ok. I'm Ready to Learn. - Don Watson

Current Affairs
Charities and Their Directors: Opportunities, Responsibilities, and Pitfalls - Neil Castaldo
Duped? Is the American Dream Dead? - Robert Gasser
The State of the Union: Now and Beyond - James Wilson

Entering the World of Andre Dubus' Writings - Brian Blanchette
Myth & Metaphor: Language of the Soul - Patricia Cashman
Opening Poetry to Greater Enjoyment: Six Simple Ways - Dan Collison
D.H. Lawrence's Women in Love - Phyllis Deutsch
Anne Frank in the World - Phyllis Deutsch
Active French - Gloria Finkelstein
Writing in Circles - Stephen Hackman
Writing Poems/Making Them Better - Don Herzberg
Thus Spoke Zarathushtra - Werner Kleinhardt
Remembrance of Things Past: Writing Memoirs - Joe Medlicott
Shakespeare's Greatest Comedies: As You Like It and Twelfth Night - Marilyn Roberts
Aristotle's Ethics and Politics in Today's Disjointed World - Joseph Ronan
The Curious Minds of Transcendentalists - Marc Smith
Mingling Sincerely My Tears With Yours: Condolence Letters, Obituaries, and Other Death Writing Considered - Lee Webster

Useful Tools for Life Planning - Richard Davis
Women & Investing - Kevin Moquin
Mindfulness Meditation: Establishing or Deepening a Daily Practice - Stephen O'Dwyer
Beyond the Basics: Getting to Know Your Gut With Plant-Based Nutrition - Beth Perera
How Much Money is Enough to Retire? - Evan Roberts
Svaroopa® Yoga - Gentle, Deep and Profound - Annie Ross
An Introduction to Svaroopa® Vidya Meditation - Annie Ross
How to Deal with Difficult People...and Look Forward to It! The Positive Messages These People Bring to Our Lives - Steven Shama

Books That Changed My Life - Harry Dean Brown
Mercury, Gemini & Apollo, NASA's Golden Age: A 50-Year Retrospective - Dan DeMars
Roots of Civilization in Soil: How Land and Water Use Underlie the Fate of Societies - Bruce James
NEW REVELATION - Charles E. Memusi Johnson

Natural Science
Whales, Dolphins, Seals, & Sea Lions: The Biology of Marine Mammals - Rob Nawojchik
Spring Wildflowers and Ferns (Wednesday Section) - Alice Schori
In Your Genes: Another Year of Advances in Genetic Technology - Iain Sim

Social Science
Perspectives on the Holocaust - Thomas Burke
Actually Reading the Constitution - Larry Crocker
The Greatest Show on Earth III: The Primaries - Maynard Goldman
China's Grand Strategy - Sarwar Kashmeri
Nuclear Weapons: The Early Years - John Lamperti
African Roundtable - Norman Miller
The Pinocchio Signal – Personal Media Literacy in the Information Age - Scott Rappeport
Triumph of the Human Spirit – High Mountains, Vast Oceans, Extreme Cold, Remote Settings - Jed Williamson

Full Courses (waitlist available)
Hand-knitted Hats - Judith Esmay
Mixed Media Art Journaling - Kate Farricker
Preparing to Hear Benjamin Britten's War Requiem - Mark Nelson
Canada Today - Josette Malley
Great Decisions 2020 - John Sanders
Mah Jongg: The Game of the Sparrows - Mary Ann Holbrook
Cooking the Book: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat - Lindsay Smith
Natural Landscape Design - Jim Kennedy
Spring Wildflowers and Ferns (Thursday Section) - Alice Schori
100th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage in America - John Ferries
Political Representation and Gerrymandering - Linda Fowler
Revolution Revised: The Founders in the 1790s - Vic Henningsen
The American 1920s - Bob Jakoubek

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