Fall 2020

September 8 – November 20, 2020 (No Classes on September 28: Yom Kippur)

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Osher Fall 2020 Course Catalog

Fall Courses

Available Fall Courses (as of 9/22/2020)

The following courses are new editions that did not appear in our catalog:
Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde
by Peter Travis
The World Through a Lens by Ellen Jonsson

The Great American Mulligan - Jim Bays 
Chasing Updike’s “Rabbit” Through the Years - Brian Blanchette
International Populism: Trump and Beyond - Charles Buell
Renaissance Classics - Jonathan Crewe 
Consciousness, Selves, Souls - Larry Crocker 
Dolly Parton - You May Ask, “What Took You So Long?” - Ford Daley
The Modern American Short Story - Geoffrey Douglas
Duped? Is the American Dream Dead? - Bob Gasser 
Spring Resprung: Literature in Retrospect - Stephen Hackman 
Electrifying the World: For Climate, For People - Robert Hargraves
Exploring the Wines of Europe - Catherine Elizabeth Johnson 
THE NEW REVELATION - Charles E. Memusi Johnson
Genealogy - Lana Leggett-Kealey
African Roundtable - Norman Miller & Bonnie Fladung
Immigration in the Land of the Free - Evangeline Monroe 
Preparing to Hear Benjamin Britten’s War Requiem - Mark Nelson 
Mindfulness Meditation: Establishing or Deepening a Daily Practice - Stephen O'Dwyer 
When Stars Were Born: 1919 - John Peterman 
Fascinating Southern Arizona - The Sonoran Desert & Tucson - Judy Reeve
An Introduction to Svaroopa® Vidya Meditation - Annie Ross 
Svaroopa® Yoga - Gentle, Deep and Profound - Annie Ross 
Almost Sold Out: Does the U.S. Constitution Need a Tune-up? - Alan Schnur
Almost Sold Out: COVID-19: What Happened; What Follows? - Iain Sim
Mingling Sincerely My Tears with Yours: Condolence Letters - Lee Webster 

Full (Waitlist Available)
From Script to Print: European Cultural Change, 1300-1600 - Daniel Abosso
A Tale of Three Abbeys - Guy Collins
The Greatest Show on Earth: The Road to the White House 2020 - Maynard Goldman
The American 1920s - Bob Jakoubek
From Conrad to Beckett: Character in the Modern British Novel - Brenda Silver
Canada Today (section 2) - Josette & Raymond Malley
Exploring Hanover’s Conserved Lands - Gail McPeek & Adair Mulligan
On the Origin of Specie: The History of Money and Currency - Woody Canaday
100th Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage in America - John Ferries
Maxfield Parrish and the “Lively Days” of the Cornish Colony - Jo Evarts

Cooking With The Neighbors - Carol Stanigar
Emotion and Meaning in the Music of Jon Appleton: Classical and Electronic - Jon Appleton
Charities and Their Directors: Opportunities, Responsibilities, and Pitfalls - Neil Castaldo
Elections & Democracy on Film - Richard Neugass & Samantha Davidson Green
The Interactive Vision - Robert Kalm
Comparative Religion: A Common Thread - Patricia Cashman
Writing Poems/Making Them Better by Betsy Vickers and Don Herzberg
Making Sense of American Religion: Off the Beaten Path - Ethan Quillen

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