Winter Term 2021

January 11 - March 20, 2021

Winter Catalog 2021

Available Courses (as of 12/1/2020)

Still Talking About Race and Racism in 2021 - Ellen Bettmann
Hitting a High C! - Paul Brogan
Perspectives on the Holocaust - Thomas Burke
On the Origin of Specie: The History of Money and Currency - John Canaday
Elvis Presley: An American Tragedy - Ford Daley
Esclarmonde de Foix - Medieval Resistance Fighter - Rai d'Honoré
A Taste of August Wilson’s “Century Cycle” - Toni Egger
Our World After the Cold War - Jürgen Ewert
Active French - Gloria Finkelstein
Grasping the Universe – The Works of Euler & Maupertuis - Roy Finney
African Wildlife: Endangered and Vulnerable Species - Bonnie Fladung & Dan Hopkins
Wikipedia — A Look Under the Hood - Stephen Flanders
A History of Israel and Zionism - Alan Fuchs
Electrifying the World: For Climate, For People - Bob Hargraves
Germany—30 Years After the Unification (Sect. 1) - Anette Isaacs
Germany—30 Years After the Unification (Sect. 2) - Anette Isaacs
Poking the Climate Beast: Science and Ethics - Bruce James
Exploring the Wines of Europe - Catherine Johnson
From Snapshot to Wall Art - Wayne King
21st Century Seniors in the Workforce - Carol Ann Moore
Beyond the Curb: Recycling 101 - Marc Morgan
A Tribute to Stars Born in 1920 - John Peterman
Making Sense of American Religion: Off the Beaten Path - Ethan Quillen
How Much Money is Enough to Retire? - Evan Roberts
Masters of English Language Poetry - Joseph Ronan
Svaroopa® Yoga - Gentle, Deep and Profound - Annie Ross
An Introduction to Svaroopa® Vidya Meditation - Annie Ross
How to Deal with Difficult People… and Look Forward to It! - Steven Shama
Writing a “Legacy Letter” - Jay Sherwin
Scotland’s “Makar”, A Laureate’s Writing - Anne Shivas
Cops and Us (Police/Community Relations) - David Singer
Cooking With The Neighbors - Carol Stanigar
Essentials Of Perennial Gardening - Carol Stanigar
Broadway and the Great American Songbook - Raymond Uy
Music Enrichment for Health and Wellness - Raymond Uy
Comedy—Origins and Highlights - Abe Vorensky
Smiles of a Summer Night OR How to Gain Back a Lost Summer - Don Watson
Triumph of the Human Spirit - Jed Williamson

Full Courses (Waitlist Available)

Some Local Flavor in Fiction: Three Novels From VT and NH - Brian Blanchette
D.H. Lawrence’s Women in Love - Phyllis Deutsch

George Eliot’s Middlemarch - Phyllis Deutsch
On the Road Through German History - Part 1 - Lee Emerson & Christiana Whittington
THE LAST IMPRESARIO: “This is no way to make a living…” - Maynard Goldman

Hot Topics at the Cold Regions Lab - Janet Hardy, Martin Jeffries, Jackie Menge
Portrait of a Mind: Three Letters from Thomas Jefferson (Sect. 1) - Vic Henningsen
Portrait of a Mind: Three Letters from Thomas Jefferson (Sect. 2) - Vic Henningsen
What Is It About Rome? - Cleo Kearns

Winter Botany: Buds and Bark - Jim Kennedy & Alice Schori
The Book of Job - Susan McCaslin
Cooking the Book: Mastering the Art of French Cooking - Lindsay Smith
Four Novels by Louise Erdrich - Jon Stableford
Reconstruction to Jim Crow – History My Generation Missed - Robert Taylor
Current Events Roundtable - Jim Wilson

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