Winter Term 2022

January 10 - March 11, 2022 (end date now extended into May 2022)

Note: In-person classes have been postponed or cancelled.  We made this tough decision because of COVID-19.  We care deeply for the health and safety of our members and Study Leaders. See below a list of in-person classes that have been re-opened with later start dates.  We also still have many Zoom courses still open as well.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.




Current Affairs



Social Science



  • Female Film Directors - Don Watson
  • Your First Novel—Getting Off on the Right Foot - Richard Lechthaler
  • Approachable Epidemiology and Statistics - Laurie Little
  • Women & Investing - Kevin Moquin & Barry Glennon
  • Post COVID Retirement Planning: Does Your Plan Need Updating? - Evan Roberts
  • Active French - Gloria Finkelstein
  • Interdependencies Between Vision, Mission, and Goals - Jessica Dalziel
  • Muting the Echo Chamber and Engaging Contrary Opinions - Michael Hillinger
  • Lewis Carroll: His Puzzles and Games - Tom Brydges
  • Create Your Own Oil Painting Masterpiece - Nance Silliman
  • Unsung Civil Rights Heroes: Four Award-Winning Documentaries - John Peterman
  • Introduction to Curling - Peter LaBelle
  • Introduction to Acoustic Guitar Fingerpicking - Alan 'Doc' Rogers
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