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Bill Tingle, Bobbi Gross, John Rosenquest

Meet our Study Leaders. Member Testimonial: "Each of the courses I have taken have been better than the course description because the Study Leader brings their energy and uniqueness to the words."

Available Courses as of 1/15/2020:

Le printemps: French-themed Cooking Workshop - Gloria Finkelstein
Woven Identities: Tribal Weaving from Iran, Afghanistan, and Central Asia - DeWitt Mallary

The Heroine's Journey - Patricia Cashman
Rousing the Muse - Stephen Hackman
Introduction to Plato's Republic - Josiah Horner
Making Sense of American Religion: Readings in Supreme Court Jurisprudence - Ethan Quillen
Before Glasnost... - Barry Scherr
Arthur Redux: A Literary-Historical Quest into Early Welsh Influences on British History - Sarah Welsch

Introduction to Curling - Peter LaBelle & Lisa Holt
Seniors and Investing - Kevin Moquin & Barry Glennon
An Introduction to Svaroopa® Vidya Meditation - Annie Ross
Fermentation: The Transformative Action of Microbes - Lindsay Smith

The Five Mindfulness Trainings: A Global Ethic for a World in Peril - Wayne Gersen & Gail Kuhl
Bread and Soil in Ancient Rome: Environmental Challenge and Cultural Response - Bruce James
Introduction to Aesthetics: How Can We Know What Beauty Is? - Joseph Ronan
Lessons From a Lifetime of Expeditions - Jed Williamson & Perry Williamson
Build Your Own Ice Luges, Castles, & Snow Sculptures - William Young & Michael Gonnerman

Natural Science
The Mighty Elephant: Past, Present and Future - Bonnie Fladung & Dan Hopkins
Winter Botany: Buds and Bark - Jim Kennedy & Alice Schori
Bears of the World - Steven Tofel

Social Science
Exploring Race and Racism in 2020 - Ellen Bettmann
NOTE: New dates for "Exploring Race" - course will now run from February 25 through March 17
Railroading: Glory Days to Glory Days - Charles Bohi
A National Treasure: The Appalachian Trail (and Random Acts of Kindness) - Greg Cook
A Social History of the Social Diseases - Paul Etkind
The Anthroposphere - Jürgen Ewert
America's Reluctant Rise to World Leadership - Bob Rougvie
Honoring the Dead in America: How Funerals Really Work - Lee Webster

Get More Fun and Adventure in Your Travel, Including Stay-cations and Day-Trips - Dan Collison
Armchair Travel XI: The Far Corners of the Earth - Tom Wilson

Full Courses (wait list available):
Sketchbook Journaling - Gael Clauson & Patti Warren
Knit and Crochet for Charity - Gail Fancher
News Literacy: How to Fact-Check Today's Media - Dennis Stern
Mid-Twentieth Century Scottish Fiction: the North-East Novels of Jessie Kesson - Anne Shivas
Toni Morrison: Three Important Novels - Jonathan Stableford
Queens of Crime: An Introduction to the First Century of Great British Detective Fiction - Sonja Hakala
iPad & iOS 13 - Dave Halpert
Reality is Not What it Seems – The Journey to Quantum Gravity - Roy Finney
Hot Topics at the Cold Regions Lab - Jackie Richter-Menge & Janet Hardy
A Portrait Of Germany - Lee Emerson & Christiana Whittington
The Decline and Fall of Empires - Roland Kuchel
At Da Vinci's Table: Renaissance Foodie and Bon Vivant - Martha Lorden
The World Through a Lens: 20th Century American Photographers - Ellen Jonsson
Socialism, Fascism and Assorted Other "Isms" - Gerald Monroe
In the Beginning: The Book of Genesis - Susan McCaslin
Chaucer's Canterbury Tales - Peter Travis
Cooking in the Caribbean and Central America - Carol Stanigar
Svaroopa® Yoga - Gentle, Deep and Profound - Annie Ross
Legacy, Enjoyment, and Meaning in Preserving Your Family History: How to Begin - Dan Collison
Murder, Mayhem, and Mystery on Trains! - Don Watson
From the Page to the Stage: How a Stage Production Comes to Life - Helena Binder
Bertrand Russell, Skeptical Essays - Werner Kleinhardt
An Unbelievable Submarine Weekend - Hank Buermeyer & David Beattie
Essentials of Perennial Gardening - Carol Stanigar

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Spring 2020

March 23 - May 22, 2020

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