Geoffrey Douglas

Headshot of Geoffrey Douglas.Geoffrey Douglas is the author of four nonfiction books and more than 100 magazine pieces, many of them widely anthologized. An adjunct professor of creative writing at the University of Massachusetts, he has been a fellow at the Bread Loaf Writers Conference and a writer-in-residence at several schools and universities. He is a regular contributor to Yankee magazine, and lives in the Upper Valley.



Course Title: The Well-Told Story (Fall Term 2018)

Participant Testimonials:

"The course was challenging, collegial, and packed with insights from the leader and the participants."

"Geoffrey Douglas really knows how to teach writing. He kept the class focused on our consideration of the five key points he outlined the first day. I found his comments to be invariably insightful and helpful."

Book Title: The Grifter, the Poet, and the Runaway Train: Stories from a YANKEE Writer's Notebook (2019)
Publisher: Globe Pequot Press
Available for Purchase: Amazon
Description: A collection of pieces in Yankee Magazine, written over the past twenty years. Some recount public events, widely reported; others are more private, the stories of men and women surviving, facing choices, living life: the last race of a luckless small-time jockey; a local police chief's terrible moral quandary; a young man's tortured path toward suicide.

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