Joe Medlicott

Headshot of Joe MedlicottJoe graduated from Dartmouth in 1950. He worked as a newspaper reporter before taking an MA at Trinity College and a PhD at the University of Washington in Seattle. He taught at several universities and at Deerfield Academy.

Course Title: Lilies That Fester (Fall Term 2022)
Participant Testimonials:

Joe is a master teacher. He has an incredible ability to make connections and share background knowledge that is enriching.

In addition to Joe's introductory remarks, the conversations with the class were thought provoking and helped me to gain new insights.

Course Title: Remembrance of Things Past: Writing Memoirs (Spring Term 2022)
Paricipant Testimonials:

It was a privilege to be in this excellent course with the legendary Joe Medlicott.

Joe is amazing. His memory astounds me - he can recall specific quotes and other examples. Always well prepared.

Joe shared many poems and excerpts and favorite books which added to the course.

Course Title: The Auld Sod (Fall Term 2021) 
Participant Testimonials:

Joe is amazing! His ability to reference other works and to give extensive background information- all so helpful.

I had read the Joyce stories before, but benefited by re-reading and discussion led by the Legendary Joe Medlicott. I don't think I have attended a class where the input and discussions were more robust.

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