Class Monitor

To support Study Leader with class management so the leader can focus on presentation.

Tech Cafe - Members & Study Leaders

Join Sarah and Laura, staff members, and ask questions about your device. These can be Zoom specific questions, but it is not limited to Zoom. We'll do our best to support you, our Osher members and Study Leaders!

Zoom Platform - Study Leaders

We are offering trainings to explain the features of Zoom and discuss the best practices for leading a course via Zoom. Each training is divided into 3 sessions.


Zoom Platform - Practice Session for Study Leaders

Opportunity to practice sharing your screen and creating break out rooms. 

Zoom Platform - Members

Session 1: Learn the basics to participate in a Zoom course fully.
Session 2: We will go over scheduling a meeting, invite attendees, screen share, and utilize breakout rooms.

Google Drive Training - Members & Study Leaders

Opportunity to learn how to access course materials and upload materials (if necessary). 



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