Study Leader Information

Maynard Goldman's Class

Course Proposal

In order to help you prepare your course proposal, please reference the blank course proposal form (located below in 'Document and Guides'). This will give you an understanding of all the information that will needed to be provided.

Submit a course proposal here.

Fall 2020: September 7 - November 20, 2020
Course proposals due: May 1, 2020
Maximum of 8 sessions.

Winter 2021: January 11 - March 12, 2021
Course proposals due: September 9, 2020
Maximum of 6 sessions.

Spring 2021: April 5, 2021 – June 4, 2021
Course Proposals due: November 2, 2020

Spring 2020 Timeline

Term Dates: March 23 - May 22, 2020

December 9: Orientation for New Study Leaders

  • 10:30 am – 1:00 pm at Howe Library.

January 30: Google Drive folder link sent to you.

  • You may use the Google Drive folder to share any course materials with your participants (including welcome letter, syllabus, reading packets, etc.)

February 21: Reading packets due.

  • Materials less than 50 pages are free to any participant who wants a printed copy.
  • You may submit the materials by
    • Uploading it to your Google Drive folder.
    • Dropping off hard copies to the office.
    • Emailing digital copies to

3 – 4 weeks before your course's start date:

  • Your roster will be emailed to you.
  • We send Osher Welcome Letters & Google Drive folder links out to your participants.
  • You may choose to send the participants your welcome letter/syllabus at this time, but it is up to you. Please include in all email communications to the class.
  • Email out your cancellation policy to the class and include Some Study Leaders go by the Hanover School District; if they cancel, you would cancel. Other Study Leaders decide on weather in the surrounding community and email the class if they decide to cancel. I will remind classes to always check their email before leaving the house for each class. If someone does not have an email, the class rep or yourself will have to give those folks a call. You are also welcome to do a phone tree for notifying the class.


Chat n' Chew Luncheon
Thursday, March 19
11:30 am - 1:30 pm
Kendal at Hanover
Register here

Meet Our Study Leaders

This page is being updated periodically to include all of our Study Leaders.

Tips & Tricks

Advice from veteran Study Leaders about all the questions you may have about your course.

Study Leader Feedback Form

Please reflect on your experience teaching. Share your comments and suggestions for the benefit of future Study Leaders and Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Dartmouth course improvements.

Documents and Guides for Study Leaders

Blank Course Proposal Form - view the blank form before submitting your course so you know all the information to provide.

Creating Course Content - a guide to creating and submitting your course proposal.

Guide to Equipment - a visual guide to equipment available for use in class.

Requested Courses - list of subjects members have suggested.

Sample Course Descriptions - two examples of course descriptions and study leader biographies.

Short Checklist for Proposals - a great resource to help you prepare to submit a course proposal!

Study Leader Handbook - an overview of all the OSHER@Dartmouth procedures and how you, as a Study Leader, can prepare and lead a course.

Condensed Study Leader Handbook - a brief overview of OSHER@Dartmouth procedures.

Discover Your OSHER@Dartmouth Teaching Style Course - a brief intro to teaching an OSHER@Dartmouth course. Check our course catalog for our official "Discover Your Teach Style" class!

We're Looking for Study Leaders

OSHER@Dartmouth courses are led by dedicated volunteers who have passion for and knowledge of a subject and want to share that passion with others. Without our dedicated instructors, OSHER@Dartmouth would not exist. Please consider offering a course during any of our four terms, either on your favorite subject, or one of the subjects listed below.

We have a team of volunteers serving on our Study Leader Support committee who offer training, advice, and guidance. You are never alone, from the first steps of assembling your course proposal to the final class session. Mentors are available for new leaders, and experienced leaders can discuss ideas with their peers.

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa King or call (603) 646-0154.

Benefits of Being an OSHER@Dartmouth Study Leader:

  • Access to all Dartmouth College libraries and borrowing privileges
  • Receiving a voucher to take a free course with OSHER@Dartmouth for leading a course
  • Free training exclusively for Study Leaders various times throughout the year
  • Work with a supportive staff that will assist during preparation of your course and throughout the course
  • Mentors and seasoned Study Leaders available to assist offer advice
  • Curriculum Committee available to assist with designing course descriptions for catalog
  • Special recognition


7 Lebanon Street, Suite 107, Hanover, NH 03755-2112
Monday – Thursday: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM • Fridays: 8:30 AM – 1:00 PM • (603) 646-0154