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These volunteers help to guide, promote, and develop OSHER@Dartmouth offerings. Interested in joining a committee? Please contact the committee chair to receive further information.

Leadership Council: Tom Blinkhorn, Martha Clark, John Ferries, Mike Galbraith, Maynard Goldman, Sandra Hoeh, Sandra Johnson, Barbara Jones, Deborah Luquer, Bruce Macdonald, Sylvia Sands Paxton (ex officio), Richard Peck, John Sanders, Laura Schneider, Bill Secord, Iaim Sim, Skip Sturman, Bill Sullivan, Steve Tofel (ex officio), Mary-Ella Zietz (Provost Office Liaison)

The Leadership Council provides guidance to all other committees within the organization.

Curriculum Committee: Ginia Allison, Tom Blinkhorn, Susan Brown, Toni Egger (Co-Chair), Ann Garland, Vic Henningsen (Co-Chair), Sandra Hoeh, Barbara Jones, Martha Lorden, Jeannie Mallary, John Peterman, John Sanders (ex officio), Jim Schmidt, Laura Schneider, Bill Secord, Melinda Stucker, Jed Williamson, Jim Wilson.

Chair: Vic Henningsen vwhenningsen@gmail.com, Toni Egger toniegger81@gmail.com

The mission of Curriculum Committee is to ensure that OSHER@Dartmouth's course offerings and special lectures are extensive, diverse, appealing, and successful.

Finance Committee: Jacie Allen, Marty Blumberg, Patrick Christie, Margot de l'Etoile, Bill Dietrich, Terry Martin, John Sanders (ex officio), Iain Sim (Treasurer), Pat Vlamynck.

Treasurer: Iain Sim iain.s.sim@gmail.com

The mission of the finance committee is to enable OSHER@Dartmouth to fulfill its mission by managing its financial resources.

Marketing & Communications Committee: Harvey Bazarian, Joan Hartwell, James Lynch, Bruce Macdonald (Chair), Richard Neugass, Amy Olson (Communications Office Liaison), Jeff Roosevelt, John Sanders (ex officio), Laura Schneider, Joe Tofel, Steve Tofel.

Chair: Bruce MacDonald bammacd@aol.com

The mission of the M&CC is to build awareness of and promote participation and membership in OSHER@Dartmouth by highlighting its broad offerings of enriching educational programs as well as the positive social aspect of being a member.

Membership Services Committee: Margot de l'Etoile, Lynn Garfield, Bobbi Gross, Janette Hannah, Laura Schneider (Chair), Rosemarie Scibetta.

Chair: Laura Schneider lschneider@gm.slc.edu

The mission of the Membership Services Committee is to enhance OSHER@Dartmouth member benefits. We organize various social events during the year to celebrate one another, a new term, study leaders, volunteers, and staff.

Planning Committee: Anne Baird, Carol Barr, Tom Blinkhorn, Sandra Johnson, Bruce Macdonald, Stuart Pompian, John Sanders, Iain Sim, Skip Sturman, Bill Sullivan (Co-Chair), Punch Taylor, Steve Tofel (Co-Chair).

Chairs: Bill Suillivan billsullivan178@comcast.net, Steve Tofel steventofel@gmail.com

The Planning Committee is responsible for examining the future needs of OSHER@Dartmouth, and reports its findings to the Council.

Summer Lecture Series Committee: Jaci Allen, Ginia Allison, Jeffrey Bendis, Tom Blinkhorn, Pete Bleyler (Co-Chair), John Ferries (Co-Chair), Ann Hargraves, Corlan Johnson, Deborah Luquer, Bruce Macdonald, John Sanders (ex officio), Rosemarie Scibetta, Iain Sim, Bill Sullivan, Townsend Swayze, William Tingle, Steve Tofel.

Chairs: Pete Bleyler pete.bleyler@gmail.com, John Ferries ferriesj@earthlink.net

The Summer Lecture Series is responsible for planning and bringing in speakers for the annual lecture series.

Member & Classroom Support

  • Class Representative (class rep) assists the Study Leader with the course. Tasks include taking attendance each week, passing out name badges to new members, reminding participants to complete a follow-up form online at the end of class, and contacting the office if any issues arise in the course. To read the full outline: On-Site Courses (at DOC House), Off-Site Courses (not at DOC House).
  • Tech Caf├ęs offer members support with their devices including: iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle, Mac and PC laptop, etc. Also, with registering online for classes. Knowledge does not need to be in all devices, but having comfort to assist in one of the many fields.

If interested in volunteering, please contact Laura Belback at laura.j.belback@dartmouth.edu.

Office & Marketing Support

A talented group of OSHER@Dartmouth members donate their time, effort, and patience to supply much-needed support for both their fellow members and the office staff. The office staff is tremendously grateful for the help and generosity of these members. Volunteers help with a wide variety of tasks, including:

  • Greeting visitors to the office, answering phone calls, copying, assisting with mailings, and more.
  • Working on a computer to update records.
  • Distributing flyers in area towns.

If interested in volunteering at the OSHER@Dartmouth office, please contact Diane Doe at diane.m.doe@dartmouth.edu.

Study Leaders

Our Study Leaders come from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions. We've enjoyed classes taught by seasoned professors from the Dartmouth campus, as well as visiting experts in art, literature, politics, and science. These wonderful volunteers contribute their time and expertise free of charge!

Meet our Study Leaders.

Interested in becoming a study leader? Learn more!