Inside the Upheaval of Journalism

Remember the days when there were three or four newspapers in every American city? Since then, thousands of newspapers have disappeared, five million viewers are a lot for the CBS Evening News, and an explosion of news sources now leave many confused about what information to trust. David Gumpert and Dotty Brown will take you inside the changes they witnessed during their 50-year careers. Learn more. 

Architecture of Food

One of the founders of French Grande Cuisine, Marie Antoine Carême studied as an architect before becoming an international chef. His career-changing decision led the way to modern food plating, including the modern wedding cake. We’ll explore the great architecture of the world and the lasting influence on every plate placed before you in restaurants across the world. Learn more.

Navigating Life in Trying Times

We will look at the power and influence of expectations, resistance to change, choosing our emotions, and the relationship between feelings, thinking and action. There will be many opportunities for personal self-evaluation and enhancing those parts of our lives which bring us more strength and balance. Learn more.

All Lives Won’t Matter Until Black Lives Matter

Ignoring racism in the U.S. is almost impossible. Government sanctioned policies and practices have created and help to maintain disparities in jobs, health, home ownership, wealth, education, and all aspects of U.S. society. This course will use Ijeoma Oluo’s book So You Want to Talk About Race as a framework for understanding both personal biases and systemic racism with a goal of contributing in the fight against racial inequality. Learn more.

Essential Black Chef/Author Cookbooks

In this class, we will explore a tiny segment of cookbooks by Black American chefs for Black History Month. Each week you will be introduced to a new chef/author and we will discuss their contributions to the cookbook world, the insights offered, AND create a recipe or two. Learn more.

Asians in America

While recent street attacks on Asians have drawn headlines, anti-Asian bigotry is not new. This course will briefly cover early Asian Migration here, from the 19th Century to the 1960s, including the hate that they faced and the menial jobs they successfully worked in agriculture and construction. Learn more.

Opioids and Our Community

This course will provide attendees with a better understanding of Opioid Use Disorder, as well as a better understanding as to why the impacts have created crises in our communities. Attendees will learn about the impact on the brain to better understand the challenges that those with Opioid Use Disorder struggle with, and the consequences their use has on their families, specifically children. Learn more.

Title IX vs. Sex Discrimination in Education

By prohibiting sex discrimination in federally funded education, the 1972 legislation popularly known as Title IX profoundly changed the lives of U.S. women and girls, accelerating a movement for equal education in classrooms, on sports fields, and in all of campus life. For the law’s 50th anniversary in 2022, we’ll explore Title IX’s ongoing and gripping history through the gutsy people behind it. Learn more. 

How Does the U.S. Rank—2022?

We look at global factors like incomes, deductions, and taxes; environment and pollution; energy sources; healthcare costs and outcomes; education levels and achievement; life expectancy and paid vacations; religiosity and atheism; national prosperity index; murder and crime rates; a change readiness index; happiest and most competitive countries; “best” countries ranked; and “where” to be born—2022. Learn more.

Introduction to Ukelele

If you have ever wanted to learn how to play an instrument, then this lighthearted ukulele workshop is for you. You don’t need any musical experience to have fun learning chords and strums that will enable you to play your favorite songs on the ukulele. All you need is a song in your heart and a sense of adventure...and a ukulele, of course! Learn more.

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