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Summer Lecture Series 2019:
Critical Thinking For The Preservation of Our Democracy

Thursday, July 11 – August 15, 2019
9:00 AM
Spaulding Auditorium
12 Lebanon Street
Hanover, NH

Recently there has been a sharp decline in critical thinking – listening thoughtfully and evaluating different points of view objectively on an issue. Rather, partisan and often uncivil tribal loyalty is dominating the discourse, and Americans are more and more getting their information and opinions from media vehicles that already agree and reinforce their going-in opinions. Other points of view are ignored.

There will be six sessions in this Series, on consecutive Thursday mornings from July 11 to August 15. We are planning to structure the sessions as debates where both sides of each issue are covered, thus demonstrating critical thinking in action.

Each of the six debates will focus on current contentious disagreements surrounding one of the following six important constitutional issues:

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of the Press

Voting Rights

Affirmative Action

Individual Privacy

Gun Rights

For each debate there will be a moderator and two speakers representing different points of view on the issue.

YouTube Videos

All clips provided courtesy of CATV. Visit our YouTube channel for a look at our past Summer Lecture Series.


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