Recorded Training Videos

Class Monitor

Supporting Their Study Leader

An overview of emailing out the Zoom link to the class, monitoring the non-verbal cues so the Study Leader has a second set of eyes in class. Also, reminding the class to complete a Feedback Form once class concludes. 
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Google Drive

Accesing Course Materials

Learn to access, print, and download your course materials using Google Drive. 
iPad: Watch the recorded training.
Laptop/Desk: Watch the recorded training.

Study Leader Orientation

Leading a Course with Osher

What do Osher course participants expect? Who can I contact for assistance? What resources are available to me? What training is available if I want to teach an online course? These questions and more are answered.
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Zoom Platform - Class Participants

Introduction to Zoom

Learn the basics to participate in a Zoom course fully.
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In-Depth Look at Zoom

Learn to schedule a meeting,  invite attendees, screen share, and utilize breakout rooms.
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Zoom Platform - Study Leaders

Introduction to Zoom & Classroom Management

Presentation slides.
Recommendations for setting up your workspace and logging into Zoom. Extensively examine controls on Zoom including managing participants (Muting, Discussion, Questions, etc.), chat, and nonverbal feedback. How your class will be scheduled and recorded (if allowed). Also, some suggested formats for a Zoom class from other Study Leaders on Zoom. 
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Screen sharing & Breakout Rooms

Presentation slides.
An in-depth look at Screen sharing and Breakout Rooms. Two tools that are used daily in Osher classes. 
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Polling and Screen Sharing Practice

An overview of polling so Study Leaders can engage participants with polls. Also, a look at screen sharing practice.
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