Lisa King, Sarah Chamberlin, Diane Doe, Joan Gennette, Nichole Marcy
The staff work at 1 Court Street, Suite 380, Lebanon, NH. The team has over 50+ accumulated years of experience at Osher.

Leadership Council

Peter Paquette (President), Gene Currotto (Treasurer), Iain Sim (Secretary)
The Leadership Council provides guidance to all other committees within the organization. Members are elected each year.

Governance Committee

Iain Sim (Chair)
Joe Medlicott, Steve Tofel, David Kotz
The Governance Committee is responsible for conducting elections of Osher at Dartmouth members to the Leadership Council; ensuring that Osher at Dartmouth is operating in accordance with its bylaws, recommending bylaw additions or changes when needed; and shall each year select and present to the Leadership Council recipients of the Thomas B. Campion Award.

Curriculum Committee

Hilary Llewellyn-Thomas (Co-Chair), Bill Secord (Co-chair)
Vic Henningsen & Alan Schnur
The mission of Curriculum Committee is to ensure that Osher at Dartmouth's course offerings and special lectures are extensive, diverse, appealing, and successful.

Finance Committee

Gene Currotto (Chair)
The mission of the finance committee is to enable Osher at Dartmouth to fulfill its mission by managing its financial resources.

Partnership Committee

Jaci Allen (Chair)
The Partnership Committee is responsible for attracting, engaging, and retaining business and nonprofit organizations as partners of Osher at Dartmouth. The Membership Services team, headed by Laura Schneider, works to organize events that promote socialization among members.

Planning Committee

Jaci Allen (Chair)
Town Hall 2022
The Planning Committee is responsible for examining the future needs of Osher at Dartmouth, and reports its findings to the Council.
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