Why I Give

Gifts of all sizes make an impact.

"Because Osher changes retirement for the better. Almost every new friend that I have made since retirement has been through Osher."

Steve Tofel, East Thetford, VT

“Osher has allowed me to form friendships with community members from all over the Upper Valley, who have similar interests in nature and art.  I learn so much from the impressive group of study leaders.”

Diane Belback, Grafton, NH

"Finding Osher Dartmouth in my year of Covid isolation revitalized my intellectual life. Osher continues to be an extraordinary gift for me, even living far from the Upper Valley. It makes me happy when I thank Osher for its gift to me by a gift of annual support."

Tom Ehrgood, Washington DC

"Classes and social activities with like minded  folks makes aging so much easier and takes care of the problem of loneliness. For many of us who loved school, it's just fun to have all these choices to learn something new or to revisit favorite subjects."

Stephanie Reininger, Lyme, NH

"My wife and I have both enjoyed and benefited from participating in Osher classes, trips and events and want others to be able to share our experiences.  That’s why we contribute each year..."
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Stew, Hanover, NH, Age 88

"I support Osher because of the critical role it plays in making our community vibrant and dynamic. The quality of this program is outstanding and has contributed to my life in so many positive ways."

Beverly Marshall, Grantham, NH

"The variety of learning experiences Osher offers is truly impressive. It gives me a chance to learn about those important topics that I never had time to study during my college and working years."

Steve Campbell, Lyme, NH

"I retired to the Upper Valley in July, 2018. Since then Osher has been a very important part of my life. The sheer variety of courses has enabled me to pursue existing interests and to explore new territory..."
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Norm Spector, Quechee, VT, Age 77

"I slogged through many years of formal education. With retirement, Osher became a vital part of my life. I immersed myself in the pleasure of exploring unfamiliar areas of study..."
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"I give to Osher at Dartmouth because the people I have met while volunteering and courses I have been privileged to take have added richness and meaning to my life that I would not otherwise have enjoyed."

Barbara, Grantham, NH


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