Joyce’s Ulysses: Getting to Yes

As a sequel to the two courses on James Joyce’s Ulysses that I have offered through Osher in previous years, this course will closely examine chapters 13 through 18 (the final chapter), which ends with the resounding last word of Molly Bloom’s monologue: yes. You can participate in the course in-person or on Zoom.

“Girl Groups” of the 60s: Trailblazers or Puppets

This is a story of America. This is a story about race and gender. Join us to hear the rags to riches stories from ten girl groups, including videos of their performances and interviews about their experiences. Learn more.

Fall Gathering

Mix and mingle with fellow Osher members, Study Leaders, and Staff under the tent at Three Tomatoes, Lebanon, NH. An opportunity to socialize with others, enjoy refreshments, and share what you already enjoy by bringing a friend you can introduce to our Osher program. Learn more.

How Mathematicians Think

In this study group I will present every-day situations and problems as a basis for discussion of how a mathematician may approach them. We will use the “Feynman technique” for understanding mathematical ideas: describe abstract concepts with simple examples rather than try to follow an abstract chain of definitions and theorems. Students are welcome to propose problems of their own. Learn more.

Democracy and Socialism

We will look at democracy and socialism from the perspective, not of “political science” or history, but political theory. How do the values that underlie democracy bear on various electoral forms and procedures? Topics will include Arrow’s voting paradox, sortition (lottery democracy), degree affected democracy, and the devices, official and unofficial, that limit democracy. Participate in the course in-person or on Zoom.

John Ferries Presents South Africa After Apartheid

While the overwhelming shadow of a universally beloved Mandela has loomed large as the face of South Africa throughout the world these 28 years, the events within the country have painted a very different picture. It is a picture largely off the radar screen of the global media, but it is one we will unravel in detail in this course. Learn more.

David Bisno Presents Lise Meitner’s Discovery of Nuclear Fission

Backed into a corner, there is the possibility that Putin could use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and/or Estonia or recklessly ignite the largest nuclear reactor in Europe. There are reasons why Sweden and Finland raced to join NATO. Learn more.

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