August 5: Summer Lecture Series

Immigration, particularly at the U.S. Southwest border, has been front-page news for the last four years, and has drawn national attention again this year. Julia Gelatt will explore how the characteristics and pathways that immigrants have been taking to the United States have shifted in recent years, the policies and other factors that have shaped these changes, and the options before the country for harnessing immigration as a unique asset. Learn more.

August 12: Summer Lecture Series

What are the costs of inaction and what actions can receive national and global support? Bill McKibben will speak about our last best chance to rein in fossil fuels and preserve our planet. Learn more.

August 19: Summer Lecture Series 

Addressing our historic ability to overcome divisions. What is different today? As we start our decade deeply divided, can we restore our belief that American democracy works, and works for everyone? Learn more.

Fall Catalog 2021

Fall registration is open! Fall Term dates: August 23 - November 19, 2021. You are welcome to call the office at 603-646-0154 to register. The physical office remains closed and will reopen for Fall Term. We will be sure to let all of our members and friends know when we will open up our doors to visitors.

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Submit a course proposal

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Learn the basics to participate in a Zoom course fully.

Part 2: In-Depth Look at Zoom
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Gail McPeek's Hanover Conservation Class

Court Street Video Tour

Join us in the classroom this fall. We will be hosting classes at our One Court Street office for the first time. Browse the fall courses here.


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