Share a Photo

We love to see photos of Osher at Dartmouth members taking part in classes, enjoying social activities, and embarking on any of our study or travel excursions, and we appreciate when our members are willing to share their photos with us. 


Each term, we invite Osher at Dartmouth members to participate in a photo contest. Members vote on the entries, and the winning image appears on the cover of our term catalog as well as term promotional items. The artist receives credit toward one Osher at Dartmouth course. Watch our weekly e-newsletter for details!


Your photos may appear in our newsletters, on our website, and in our promotional efforts. If your photo includes other people, we need to know if they approve of their likeness appearing in any Osher publication, whether in print or digital format. Please try to collect names of people in your photo before sending in the file.


  • We can only accept original photos.
  • Photos can be submitted as jpg, jpeg, ps, or eps file types.
  • Share the subject matter of the photo, such as the title of the course or event or the location (names of people included in the photo are extra helpful).
  • Provide the name and email of the photographer.



When you're ready, there are just two steps to follow:

  1. Click this link to upload your file. (Please note that you must log in to your Google account to share your file.)
  2. Email to provide the info we need about your photo (subject, photographer name and contact info, etc.).


We look forward to seeing your photos!


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