Why we donate to Osher

"My wife and I have both enjoyed and benefited from participating in Osher classes, trips and events and want others to be able to share our experiences. That’s why we contribute each year and why we’ve given during times of stress for this enormously valuable resource for people in the Upper Valley. I’ve had the chance to offer several classes and have really benefited from the engagements with those who’ve participated. I know firsthand how dedicated our leaders are and how fortunate we are to have the fine staff that is ours. During COVID it’s been a godsend to folks who otherwise were shut off from any significant community. So, on top of everything else, it’s been a mental health resource for many. I want to see it continue and grow. That’s reason enough to continue to support it."

Hanover, NH
Age: 88

"I retired to the Upper Valley in July, 2018. Since then Osher has been a very important part of my life. The sheer variety of courses has enabled me to pursue existing interests and to explore new territory. I have taken courses ranging from The Beatles, birdwatching, introduction to curling, Rome after Caesar, cowboy movies, singing groups of the 60’s, the New England electric grid, world wide armchair travel, architecture of the Cornish Colony, Sitcoms of the 70’s and 80’s, great trials of the 20th century and more. The instructors have been knowledgeable and personable, with great communications skills. The monthly free movies have been a great addition. The new facilities in Lebanon are comfortable, easily accessible and well adapted to video presentations. The Hyflex Technology has allowed me to access many classes when I cannot get to the classroom. The return on my donations to Osher have been one of my very best investments."
Norm Spector
Age 77

"I slogged through many years of formal education. With retirement, Osher became a vital part of my life. I immersed myself in the pleasure of exploring unfamiliar areas of study, was exposure to new ideas, discussed subjects of mutual interest with other enthusiastic and motivated adult learners, met and appreciated our gifted and dedicated study leaders. Osher-style education has been enriching me for 17 years, and I plan for another 17. That’s why I donate!"



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