Between 60 and 90 courses in a wide variety of subject matter are offered in each of the three terms: fall, winter, and spring. Courses are offered in-person, on Zoom, or via HyFlex (in which in-person and Zoom participants attend class simultaneously).


Summer Term 2024 (June 24-August 16, 2024)
Fall Term 2024 (September 9-December 20, 2024)
Winter 2025 (January 6 -March 14, 2025)
Spring 2025 (April 7-June 13, 2025)

Study Leaders

Courses are led by volunteers in a variety of formats, including facilitated discussions, films, lectures, hands-on instruction, and field trips. The participants bring their own expertise and life experiences to the classroom, which makes for lively exchanges. 

Participants touring CRREL.


There are four classrooms in our facility at 1 Court Street in Lebanon, NH. Three classrooms (2A, 2B, and 2C) are located in Suite 250 on the second floor, and one classroom (3A) is located in Suite 380 on the third floor. 

Feedback Form

Complete a feedback form for your course to provide direct feedback to your Study Leader(s) about how the course went for you. Your feedback helps the Curriculum Committee and our office as we plan for future terms.


Read the Osher policies, including the "Code of Conduct," before attending courses. 

Catalog Archives

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