Summer Lecture Series

What’s Next?  

Finding a Way Forward

Thursday, July 15 - August 19
9:00 am - 11:00 am

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The United States is at a critical crossroad. As we emerge from a devastating pandemic and recession, our democracy is once again being tested.  Six scholars will examine the multiplicity of challenges including how to restore the American Dream amid a technological and global revolution, how to peacefully integrate an increasingly diverse population, how to minimize climate damage, and above all, how to restore trust in government that works for all the people.

July 15: "Is the American Dream Sustainable?"

Exploring the future of a strong middle class in the face of growing income inequality.

Matthew Slaughter, Dean of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth where he is also Professor of International Business.  Much of his work has focused on policy responses to the global financial crisis and labor-market implications of international trade, investment, and immigration 

July 22: "Technology:  Where Will New Jobs Come From?  Automation, Innovation and the Work of the Future."

What will be the impact of Artificial Intelligence and robotics on employment and salaries?

David Autor, is one of the most influential labor economists of his generation. He is the Codirector of the MIT Task Force on the Work of the Future and the National Bureau of Economic Research's Labor Studies Program; his scholarship explores the labor-market impacts of technological change and globalization on job polarization, skill demands, earning levels and inequality, and election outcomes. (If desired, could add, "In 2020, Autor received the Special Recognition Award from the Heinz Family Foundation for his work 'transforming our understanding of how globalization and technological change are impacting jobs and earning prospects for American workers'".) [To be honest, I feel like a pompous jerk just writing all of that down. But I do understand that audiences justifiably want to hear that they are being addressed by someone 'famous', however undeserved that fame may be

July 29: "The Changing Face of America"

What are the social and political implications of our changing national demographics?

William Frey, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution and Research Professor at the University of Michigan.  He is an internationally recognized demographer and expert in US demographics and the US Census.  His latest book is ‘’Diversity Explosion:  How New Racial Demographics are Remaking America.’’ 

August 5: "Immigration: Where is the Balance?"  

Dealing with the challenge of immigration reform, migrants, and asylum seekers.  

Julia Gelatt, Senior Policy Analyst at the Migration Policy Institute in Washington, D.C, with the US Immigration Policy Program.  Her work focuses on the legal immigration system, demographic trends, and the implications of local, state, and federal immigration policy.   

August 12: "Climate Change: Not Too Late?"

What are the costs of inaction and what actions can receive national and global support?

Bill McKibben, Professor of Environmental Studies at Middlebury College and an international leader in climate change issues.  His 1989 book, ‘’The End of Nature’’, is regarded as the first book on the subject for a general audience and has appeared in 24 languages.  He is a founder of, the first global grassroots climate change campaign.

August 19: "Restoring Faith in American Democracy"

Can we restore our belief that American democracy works and works for everyone?

Douglas Brinkley, a distinguished Professor of American History at Rice University, a CNN Presidential Historian, and a frequent media commentator.  He is a prominent and critically acclaimed author of numerous books about American History, six of which were named New York Times ‘’Notable Books of the Year.’’                                           

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