Our membership is drawn from many walks of life and occupations. Whether we started with university degrees - or none - we have spent our adult lives engaged in an occupation from which we have learned much and contributed much. With these invaluable experiences, the Osher at Dartmouth membership is an important resource for both the surrounding communities and the college.

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You can join us online at any time, whether you are joining for the first time or renewing an existing or past membership!

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Our program is open to everyone, regardless of age or educational background. Our only requirement is payment of our annual membership fee, and a desire to explore, engage, and excite yourself with new experiences! Members may enroll in any Osher at Dartmouth course they wish, and will receive first notice of upcoming lectures and events. Membership will often qualify you for a special discounted price on many of our special trips and workshops.

Active memberships will complete their cycle this coming June 30, at which point they must be renewed in order for a member to continue participation. Membership is obtained on an individual basis; we do not currently offer family or group rates.

Dartmouth College/DHMC staff, faculty, and students please call 603-646-0154 to join our program.

Annual Membership:
Individual $70
Household (2 members) $140
(valid July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023)

Course Fees:

  • Courses (2-3 hours ): $25
  • Courses (4-8 hours): $45
  • Courses (9-13 hours): $65
  • Courses (14 hours or more ): $85

Current Members

Member Profile Survey

Osher at Dartmouth has been serving the Upper Valley community for 30 years, and we would like to take stock of where we stand presently by asking members to fill out a brief questionnaire. This will only take a few minutes, and in addition to helping us get to know our membership better, it may help you become more familiar with some aspects of our organization.

Osher at Dartmouth leadership would like to examine how we can further expand and organize this resource of member experience and knowledge to develop our program of offerings to the greater Upper Valley communities and Dartmouth.

Step one is to compile a database of all the occupations and areas of expertise represented in our membership.
Step two is to use the database to recruit study leaders and identify potential course offerings.
Step three is to find new volunteers interested in helping on our committees as well as future leaders for Osher at Dartmouth.

Thank you for taking a few moments to complete the Member Questionnaire. We look forward to hearing from you.

Renew Your Membership

Password Reset Guide

Our online registration system currently recognizes only one member of any family as the primary contact for that household. This means that only one person in each household can establish or renew a membership for all members of his or her household. This status is granted to the first person who received a registration account in any household.

To find out if you have the ability to manage memberships for your household, log in to the online registration site with your username and password. If a 'Select Membership' option appears in the menu at the top of your account screen, you are recognized as the managing party for your household. If that option doesn't appear, log out and let your partner log in to their account to perform the same steps.

If you and your partner/spouse both wish to renew your memberships during the same fiscal year, please select a 'Household' membership instead of 'Individual' memberships. Only one Individual membership is allowed per household; if you select Individual and your partner/spouse wishes to join later in the same fiscal year, you will have to contact the office to update membership status for your household. This only applies to shared or household accounts - individual accounts will not experience this situation.

Membership renewals for any given year are not confirmed until your payment has processed.

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