Propose a Course

Now that you have decided to teach a course for Osher at Dartmouth, where do you begin?

Submit Your Proposal

As you get ready to propose a course, it is helpful to know what you need before you get started. You might want to read this letter from the Vetting committee, Writing a strong proposal

Use this blank proposal form as a guide to what will be asked when submitting your proposal. Proposal requires the following information:


Info on catalog images. 

Deadline for Submitting a Proposal

Winter Term: by the 2nd week of September
Spring Term: by the 2nd week of December
Summer Term:  by 2nd week in April
Fall Term: by the 2nd week of May

Term Dates

Winter Term: January - March
Spring Term: April - June
Summer Term:  June - August
Fall Term:  September - December

NOTE: Proposal deadlines are scheduled well in advance of actual term dates due to the amount of preparation required before the start of each term.

What's Next?

Timelines leading up to your course beginning.


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