What's Next

One Month Before the Course Begins

  • The Osher office will email Study Leaders the link to their Google Drive course folder.
  • Office will send class roster and contact info for each participant.
    • You'll be notified to any changes to the roster. 
    • Registration remains open until the course begins.

At Least One Week Before the Term Begins

  • You should supply your students with your welcome letter, syllabus, and other information such as their reading list, special information, etc.
  • Visit your classroom site if you are not familiar with the location.
  • Communicate with the office regarding a Class Rep.
  • Arrange for an A/V test and/or instruction if needed for your class.

On the First Day of Class

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early for the first class starts.
  • Introduce yourself and perhaps discuss what motivated you to teach the course.
  • Introduce the Class Rep and have them explain their duties.
  • Allow class members to briefly introduce themselves (In larger classes, this may take time and interfere with the class schedule).
  • Determine and discuss class cancellation policy and phone tree/communication options.
  • Remind or inform participants of your preferences regarding discussion.
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