Barnes Boffey


Barnes Boffey

Barnes Boffey has been a counselor in private practice since 1977. Since 1978, he has been a consultant in Choice Theory and Internal Control Psychology.

Useful Tools for Difficult Transitions (Winter Term 2024)

Participant Testimonials: 

Barnes and Jeremy did a great job presenting meaningful, important information in an easy fun way.

What a delightful course! Hats off to Barnes and Jeremy for doing a stellar job presenting and involving participants in their compelling material.

Facing Life's Challenges from the Inside Out (Fall Term 2023)

Participant Testimonials:

This course has had a big impact on how I think about my life, relationships and goals in a positive and activist way.

This course is very well designed and each week reinforces the last. The instructor(s) are also flexible to spend a little more time in an area if there are questions.

Facing Life’s Challenges From the Inside Out (Winter Term 2023)

Participant Testimonials:

Barnes and Jeremy brought exercises that were thought provoking and really spurred on great conversations within small groups.

This course was absolutely fabulous. This was meant to be an “advanced” course, taking internal control psychology to the next level and it did just that.

Useful Tools for Difficult Transitions (Fall Term 2022)

Participant Testimonials:

Appreciated the way that Barnes and Jeremy were able to set a tone of personal sharing that deepened the conversations among group members.

I learned some ways to look at issues and think about where I am in dealing with them. Our leaders Barnes and Jeremy were thought provoking and very supportive of each person in the group.

Navigating Life in Trying Times (Winter Term 2022)

Participant Testimonials:

Fabulous content, very, very helpful. Has changed my life!

The course went above and beyond my expectations. the additional hours on Sunday were really helpful and again above my expectations.


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