Bob Jakoubek

Bob Jakoubek has been the Study Leader for several OSHER@Dartmouth courses on Twentieth Century history and politics. He studied history at Indiana and Columbia and is the co-author of These United States, a textbook. He served as historical consultant for the ten-volume Twentieth Century America and has written numerous books of history and biography for young adults. He worked in publishing at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and at Primary Source Media.

Course Title: Truman Defeats Dewey: Cold War, Civil Rights, and the Election of 1948 (Spring Term 2019)

Participant Testimonials:

"Excellent, Bob is wonderfully always very well prepared and informed."

"Bob is a great lecturer with a broad command of his subject. He creates a relaxed atmosphere in the class, but still maintains the focus needed to stay on topic. I would take any course he teaches."

Course Title: The New Deal, 1932-1940 (Spring Term 2018)

Participant Testimonials:

"The Study Leader has an encyclopedic knowledge of his subject. He was open to questions and comments from the class and was always able to add context to the discussion.

"Bob had most impressive knowledge of the subject yet encouraged class participation."

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