Gail McPeek

Gail McPeek has a B.S. in Natural Resource Management and a M.S. in Wildlife Ecology. Experiences include avian surveys, bird banding, and research on songbirds, loons and eagles. At the Kalamazoo Nature Center in the 1980s, she assisted with Michigan's first Breeding Bird Atlas and helped author The Birds of Michigan. Gail and her husband moved to Hanover in 1992. For the past 10 years, Gail has volunteered with the Hanover Conservancy, helping with bird and nature walks, events, and conservation projects. Gail has taught two OSHER@Dartmouth classes ("Life and Legacy of John J. Audubon" and "Birding").

Exploring Hanover's Conserved Lands (Fall Term 2022)

Participant Testimonials:

The pace both in learning and walking was terrific. Well done managing different levels of physical ability.

Both Adair and Gail are a wealth of knowledge about the natural world. This course explored the forest trails supervised by the Conservancy. Great hiking and information of trails new to me in this area.

Introduction to Birding (Fall Term 2018)

Participant Testimonials:

The presentation of information was extremely well done. We learned so much in just a few weeks and Gail made it fun for us with games to improve our knowledge. With technology we learned to identify birds and also hear their songs.

Gail brought her love of birding, enthusiasm, and a sense of humor to every class.

Gail was an outstanding teacher. She had a mixture of slides, activities, and outdoor time. I found her to be engaging and very interesting.

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