Jim Wilson

Jim WilsonJim Wilson taught history and economics for nearly fifty years before retiring to the Upper Valley. He lives in Strafford, VT, and has taught numerous courses on how our economy works and the challenges it faces. While very much an amateur, travel and photography have been lifetime hobbies. He believes in sharing good ideas and practices.


Course Title: "Strangers In their Own Land" (Fall Term 2023)
Participant Testimonials:

Interesting course... complex issues, great discussions. As usual, Jim did a great job leading the us thru the problems we face. Wish the course was not over.

Jim's obviously very well versed and gave each class a lot of thought and preparation.

Course Title: 1973: A Critical Turning Point. What Ever Happened to the Post-WWII Promise? (Winter Term 2023)
Participant Testomonials: 

What a great course! Well-planned presentations. Great group discussions. A vast amount of information was shared.

Jim was well organized. Members of the class remained engaged throughout the course.

Course Title: Is U.S. Democratic Capitalism Sustainable? (Spring Term 2022)
Participant Testimonials:

Learned a lot. Made me think, analyze, and assemble my thoughts on important current and historical political and social issues.

Jim's supporting material on the screen was superb, as expected. Much of the material was not only assembled but created by Jim.

Course Title: Is Democratic Capitalism Sustainable? (Winter Term 2022)
Participant Testimonials: 

I enjoyed this course. The reading was stimulating, and I learned a great deal. 

Jim did a great job sticking to the course outline and incorporating the course text into the discussion.



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