Mark Nelson

Mark holds degrees in music theory and composition from Yale, the University of Illinois, and Princeton. A multifaceted musician with wide-ranging musical interests, he is deeply committed to promoting among performers, audiences, and students the joys of musical discovery.

Preparing to Hear J. S. Bach’s John Passion (Zoom) (Spring Term 2024)

Participant Testimonials: 

An amazing about of work done by the teacher to prepare us for hearing/seeing the St John Passion. Make this musical experience very personal and educational.

A lot of information in a small number of classes. Good job.

Preparing to Hear J. S. Bach’s John Passion (In-Person) (Spring Term 2024)

Participant Testimonials: 

Mark never fails to stimulate our interests and open up unexpected views in the course matter.

He was exceptionally well prepared. He really sought out comments from the participants.

Introduction to Hildegard Von Bingen (1098-1179) (Winter Term 2024)

Participant Testimonials: 

I wanted an overview of Hildegard and I got a fabulous one. Clearly so much material that this could go on for years. 

The course was reasonably split between (a) Stella covering the biography, philosophy and theology of Hildegard and (b) Mark presenting some of Hildegards music and explanations on the forms and styles of the music.  Generally, the course pace was fine with the presenters showing flexibility to answer audience questions. The content for the course was immense from Stella who provided extensive, relevant and interesting reading materials. Mark had a growing Ppt presentation (provided after/before class) used in his lectures along with relevant musical examples via the internet.

Preparing to Hear Claudio Monteverdi’s Vespers (Spring Term 2023)

Participant Testimonials: 

This course broadened and enhanced my appreciation of Baroque music, as I had hoped.

I know that Mark is a passionate excellent teacher and this course confirmed it once again. I very much enjoyed the last class when we critiqued the performance and Mark expressed his more nuanced insights. 

The Symphony (Spring Term 2021)

Participant Testimonials: 

Particularly skilled at engaging audience, interactivity, and use of audio-visual materials supplementing the lecture presentation

It was a fabulous course covering some of the most famous symphonies by composers like Haydn, Beethoven, and Brahms, and ending with 20th century symphonies, mostly unknown to many of us.

Preparing to Hear Benjamin Britten's War Requiem (Fall Term 2020)

Participant Testimonials:

Mark introduced so many new things. It was an eye opening musical experience.

Mark provided an inspired look at a piece of music that he clearly loves. His excitement for it was contagious. Classroom discussion was lively and informative.

Preparing to Hear Mitsuko Uchida Perform Schubert (Spring Term 2019)

Participant Testimonials:

I am not in the habit of writing "rave" reviews but it is an understatement that Daniel greatly exceeded my expectations for this course. He clearly puts a lot of work into preparation--and it shows. Well done, and thanks.

Daniel impressed as more than competent in the subject matter and gave us the benefit of his scholarly background and superb preparation.

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