Tom Wilson

Tom WilsonTom Wilson is a retired pediatrician. He and his wife, Joan, have traveled widely. They have lived at Kendal at Hanover for 22 years, and they have been involved in ILEAD/Osher for all of that time. Tom has taken at least 60 courses, been a study leader 20 times, and has served on various ILEAD/Osher committees. (2/7/24)

Our National Parks (Winter Term 2024)

Participant Testimonials: 

In four weeks, we "visited" national parks all over the country. Quite a trip!

Great course on the National Parks. Tom used both professional videos and pics as well as his own pics from many National Parks. 

Armchair Travel XIII: Travels on Various Waterways (Spring Term 2023)

Participant Testimonials:

It exceeded my expectations - the photos were excellent, and the presentation was terrific!

Tom Wilson's courses are always beautifully designed, starting with maps of each area, an airplane view approaching land, a few photos of the people and culture, then a dive below to see what's underneath the sea.

Armchair Travel XIII: Travels on Various Waterways (Winter Term 2022)

Participant Testimonials:

Great selection of waterways, and incredibly varied.

This course exceeded my expectations.

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