Class Monitor

To support Study Leader with class management so the leader can focus on presentation.

Watch recorded training.
View the training presentation. 

Prior to a session

  1. Send the Zoom link to the class.
  2. Get online 15-20 minutes before the first class to work with speakers so as to ensure they are familiar with the Zoom features they will be using:  share screen; show presentation/slide show,; mute/unmute; raise/lower hand; chat; breakout rooms.
  3. Discuss and agree on hosting and co-hosting duties prior to each session
  4. Discuss timing and length of breaks and Q&A and how speakers will be alerted to the need to stop speaking and move to a break or Q&A.
  5. Agree on how questions will be handled.  Strongly suggest that participants be instructed to use the blue hand raise tool on Zoom.

During a session

  1. Monitor chat and hand raise tools
  2. Be prepared to help Study Leader and guest speakers with share screen function and running powerpoint presentation
    mute participants except speakers
  3. Make sure "record session" is turned on and off as appropriate


After a session

  1. Have Study Leader confirm any assignments prior to next session.
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