Alice Schori

Alice (graduate of Oberlin College) is a field botanist who studied native plants through the New England Wild Flower Society starting in the mid-1990s. She has performed botanical surveys for conservation organizations and the Towns of Hanover and Lyme, and spent nine summers doing similar work for the White Mountain National Forest. Lynnwood Andrews is a retired clinical child psychologist who has taken botany and plant identification classes through Osher, and at the Native Plant Trust. She has volunteered for several environmental and conservation groups focused on plants. (2/7/24)

Course Title: Fall Botany 2023 (Fall Term 2023) 
Participant Testimonials:

This is second course I've taken with Alice and Lynnwood and they are so knowledgable, one can't help learning a lot!

The instructors know their strengths and play off of them, but both are great communicators, and because of their passion for the subject, are very responsive to questions, plus offer resources for further exploration.

Course Title: Spring Wildflowers and Ferns (Spring Term 2023)
Participant Testimonials:

Great field botany trips with knowledgeable, helpful and experienced staff gave me a greater understanding of native plants and their importance in the overall ecosystem.

I think this is a course that could be taken over and over again.

Course Title: Winter Botany 2023 (Winter Term 2023)
Participant Testimonials:

Wonderful! I learned a lot! What could be more fun than walking on a trail with like-minded students, looking at buds and branches?

Teachers both encouraged participation and welcomed comments from all. A few well-informed participants in the class were encouraged to share information.

Course Title: Fall Botany 2022 (Fall Term 2022)
Participant Testimonials:

They listed plants, answered all questions, and soooo patient with slow walkers like me!

We hiked at various nature preserves and conservation land - all diverse and accompanied by a list of plants with familiar names and botanicals - vetted by Alice and Lynnwood in advance!

I would be happy to participate in this course every season; always more to learn—Alice and Lynwood are wonderfully pleasant, infinite sources of knowledge. 

Course Title: Spring Wildflowers and Ferns (Spring Term 2022) 
Participant Testimonials:

Alice and Lynnewood have a fantastic depth of knowledge about wildflowers and ferns and can impart that knowledge to their students.

Alice never fails to meet my expectations. This course is the epitome of one that meets the definition of lifelong learning. I will never be able to learn it all, so I will keep coming back repeatedly.


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