Anne Steele

Anne Steele has degrees from Williams College and Dartmouth College and is a certified yoga teacher. She has been doing yoga for the past 10 years and has seen the results in herself and others of a dedicated practice. A cross-country skier and rower, a biker, mountain climber, and gardener, Anne loves being active and finds her yoga practice enables her to continue all the activities outside that she enjoys.

Course Title: Beginner's Anti-Aging Yoga Practice (Spring Term 2018)

Participant Testimonials:

"Anne Steele is fantastic. Anne is patient, sensitive, and articulate in all aspects of a challenging routine."

"The best part of the class was Anne! What a wonderful instructor: supportive, patient, understanding. She deftly talked us through each of the poses, correcting us as needed as well as explaining the health benefits of each one."

"Anne Steele is a lovely lady who knows her yoga. She is compassionate and enthusiastic. And always encouraging us and praising our efforts."

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