Beth Perera

Headshot of Beth PereraBeth Perera ate everything until she experienced serious medical issues. She read everything she could get her hands on and successfully reversed her painful conditions by switching to a WFPBD over 8 years ago. She was amazed at how rapidly "food as medicine" worked and became passionate about teaching this information to others. Beth now holds several certifications, including: Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition (Cornell; Dr. Campbell); Food For Life (; Food Over Medicine (Dr. Popper); Women's Health (Dr. Popper); Weight Loss (Dr. Popper); Starch Solution (Dr. McDougall). Beth resides in Vergennes, VT and is available to teach all over New England. "Everyone who eats needs to have this information," she says with a smile.

Course Title: Plantify Your Diet - How Plants May Save Your Life (Spring Term 2018)

Participant Testimonials:

"The Study Leader did an excellent job showing and explaining as she prepared food for us to try."

"Beth's knowledge and passion are unsurpassed, creating an informative and inspiring class/tasting experience. The resources are varied and accessible."

"Beth did an excellent job of organizing the presentations by using the currently major chronic medical problems to present relevant research data and nutritional information in each session- with the treat of making us lunch from the recipes available to us in this course. I learned a lot!"

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