Cleo Kearns

Cleo KearnsCleo McNelly Kearns works in anthropology, continental philosophy, and religious studies. She is the author of T. S. Eliot and Indic Traditions and The Virgin Mary: Motherhood, Sacrifice, and Monotheism (both from Cambridge University Press). She has served on the Rutgers University, Princeton Theological Seminary, and New York University faculties.

Course Title: Pope Francis, Vatican II, and Climate Change (Winter 2023)
Participant Testimonials: 

Cleo was fabulous at making everyone feel safe and comfortable to present and ask questions.

Remarkable scholarship; breadth of knowledge is astounding; willingness to listen and respond to varying points of view.

This is an exciting course, and Cleo Kearnsexplaining the message of Pope Francis to the world on the Environment and his thoughts on the solutions of solving the problems we face.

Course Title: What Is It About Rome? (Winter Term 2021)
Participant Testimonials:

I liked this course. It was an intellectual feast!

Cleo Kearns is a talented and knowledgeable study leader. She excitingly presented the materials with lectures and videos.

Course Title: Dante's Commedia (Fall Term 2018)
Participant Testimonials:

The leader was quite knowledgeable; she introduced Dante in a way that made it more accessible. Then the classes were a good mix of discussion and questions from class members, always with enlightening comments by Cleo Kearns.

Thanks to Dr. Kearns's approach, the atmosphere was collegial, and contributions by fellow students were helpful and often quite insightful.

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