Dennis McGrath

Dennis McGrathDennis McGrath is an engineer who has worked with artificial intelligence in multiple domains. He is a student of the intersection between science, religion, philosophy, and technology. He is also 100% conscious.

Course Title:  Darwin, Darwinism, and Darwinisticism (Winter Term 2023)
Participant Testimonials:

Greatly exceeded. Looking at the history and future of evolution concepts was enlightening.

This is a great course. Dennis knows his material, presents it with expertise, and is comprehensive in his subject matter and discussions.

Dennis is very good at drawing out class participants for a lively discussions. He makes good use of humor.

Course Title: A Ghost in the Machine? (Spring Term 2022)
Paricipant Testimonials:

The most interesting course I’ve ever taken. The best organized course I’ve ever taken. I’d take any class McGrath taught.

Excellent powerpoint slides both visually and content wise.

Course Title: Einstein’s God (Winter Term 2022)
Participant Testimonials: 

Interesting presentation, Well done. Dennis is very smart and he encouraged class participation.

This was a fabulous course, taught by an excellent Study Leader, with extremely well-prepared lectures, expertly presented.

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