Elayne Clift

Elayne CliftAn award-winning writer and journalist, Elayne Clift’s work has appeared in The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Christian Science Monitor, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Salon.com, and numerous magazines, periodicals, and anthologies. She is a regular columnist for several New England newspapers and a reviewer for The New York Journal of Books. She conducts popular writing workshops at various venues. (2/7/24)


Pictures, Poems, and Prose: An Ekphrastic Experience (Winter Term 2024)

Participant Testimonials:

This course both sharpened my observation skills and my capacity to translate what I see, what I feel, and wish to convey to others in the most effective way. 

EXCELLENT. Elayne was engaging, prepared and provided good tips and feedback to class members.

The Wisdom of Elders: Writing and Discussion Seminar (Winter Term 2023)

Participant Testimonials: 

Elayne was well-organized, providing time for everyone in the class to participate. With Elayne’s encouragement, participants of the class shared their writing freely and, in turn, offered constructive, positive encouragement to others.

Elayne’s writing prompts were great for making us think about writing in ways we might not otherwise have done.

Hidden Women in Healthcare, War, Literature, Leadership (Winter Term 2022)

Participant Testimonials:

I learned a lot about hidden women. I had not heard of many of these great hidden women's accomplishments before.

Excellent content, pace, and organization. Well done.

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