Gary Johnson

Gary is a retired university educator and geologist. During his more than 45 years of teaching and research at Dartmouth, he oversaw long-term geological research programs in East Africa, India, Pakistan, New England, and elsewhere. He is a specialist in sedimentary systems and the geochronology of sediments deposited during periods of significant paleontological/environmental/tectonic change. He is a previous OSHER@Dartmouth Study Leader.

Course Title: The Geological Character of the New England Landscape (Winter Term 2019)

Participant Testimonials:

"Gary is a wonderful story teller; very organized and a real expert in his subject. His knowledge of the subject is deep and thorough."

"Gary really knows world geology and his illustrations were excellent. This course couldn't have been better."

Course Title: Wheels Across The Great Plains

Participant Testimonials:

"Gary had clearly spent a lot of time preparing this class. His interest plus knowledge was outstanding."

"Prof. Johnson is an excellent lecturer. He is very organized and his presentation is a nice pace, very clear with excellent visuals during each class. His weekly syllabus, handouts, optional materials, were helpful and very interesting."

"The Study Leader, Gary Johnson, made all the difference in this course. His love of the various topics was infectious, and his knowledge and wide experience really enriched the class."

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