Jay Sherwin

jay sherwinJay Sherwin created the Life Reflections Project to educate people about legacy letters, ethical wills, and other legacy documents. He has practiced law, given away money for five different charitable foundations, worked as a philanthropy consultant, and served as a hospital chaplain. Jay has extensive experience facilitating adult learning programs and he has taught this online workshop for OLLI programs nationwide. More information is available on his website at www.jaysherwin.com.



Course Title: Writing a “Legacy Letter” (Fall Term 2023)
Participant Testimonials:

Jay is a very organized course leader who keeps the class moving forward with respect for all and a soft manner. I admire his organizational capabilities.

I have learned from Jay before when he did the Hitchcock course; and I even had a Hitchcock viewing party afterwards to introduce a couple of people to his movies. Great fun!

Course Title: Alfred Hitchcock's San Francisco (Spring Term 2023) 
Participant Testimonials:

I would recommend this course to ANYONE who enjoys film, particularly Alfred Hitchcock's. I do hope Mr. Sherwin does this again for others.

Jay was well-prepared with comments and visuals to fill most of the time, with appropriate time left for Q&A.

Course Title: Writing a "Legacy Letter" (Fall Term 2022) 
Participant Testimonials: 

Excellent class--the material was very clearly and comprehensively presented! Jay gave us all the information to be able to write a good Legacy Letter.

A well designed set of slides provided visual highlights of the key messages. The audio was excellent: Jay enunciates extremely well--I felt like I didn't miss a word.

Course Title: Writing a "Legacy Letter" (Spring Term 2022)
Participant Testimonials:

Excellent course! Jay's style is so relaxed, calm and encouraging. One of the best courses I've ever taken!

The course was terrific. Given his kindness, empathy, and thoughtfulness, Mr Sherwin was the perfect person to teach the course. He created a very safe environment for students. Very good class.

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