Jerry Monroe

During Jerry Monroe's 38-year career in the American Foreign Service he reported on political and economic matters from Asia, South America, and Western Europe. He has served on trade, civil air and agricultural negotiating missions. He also had considerable experience representing the U.S. at the U.N. on a range of economic and agricultural issues. Jerry has offered a number of courses at OSHER@Dartmouth, mostly on German and Diplomatic History.

Course Title: The Terrible 20th Century (Winter Term 2019)

Participant Testimonial:

"The lectures followed the course outline and is relevant today as much as it was during the 20th century. Jerry's subject matter expertise and personal experience make this an especially interesting class."

"The leader was well organized and has broad knowledge of the subject. The classes were a pleasure."

Course Title: The Making of a World Power

Participant Testimonial:

"An excellent experience. Jerry had a great grasp of the subject matter, including inside stories from his government state department experiences."

"Jerry is very knowledgeable and credible."

"The course was well organized with outlines for each session and related readings. The leader provided valuable insight about events and persons involved."

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