Josette Murphy Malley

Josette Murphy Malley, a professional anthropologist, is retired from the World Bank, where she specialized in the evaluation of development programs worldwide. She graduated from the University of California (Ph.D.) and the University of Paris.

Course Title: U.S. Diplomacy, Aid, and Soft Power (Fall Term 2018)

Participant Testimonials:

"The Malleys are so knowledgeable about diplomacy since they both spent so many years in the international work force. The course was very well planned."

"Very well-organized presentations and PowerPoints. Also liked having reading assignments and a serious project—got far more out of the class as a result."

Course Title: Macron's France and the World (Spring Term 2018)

Participant Testimonials:

"This was a most informative course."

"Both Malleys were charming and informative, and used PowerPoints to good advantage. A surprise was Josette's sweet, clear voice, singing Edith Piaf songs when the CD player could not."

Course Title: France Today

Participant Testimonials:

"An excellent course with extremely knowledgeable instructors."

"All courses have been first rate. These Study Leaders have dealt with a wide range of types of subject matter successfully. We would consider taking any course they teach."

"Both instructors were organized and prepared for every class. They worked well together. I liked that they added their personal experiences and opinions to the general curriculum they had outlined prior to the start of the 5 week session."

"Excellent, as always. I have taken many classes with them."

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